Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Little Modeling

After another spur of the moment up and down the highway I am back for a few days. House reno continues and the crazy goes on and on and on. I did get the privilege of spending some unexpected days with this little guy. He has gotten so big!  And Mimi had a chance to try on some Mimi-mades and snap a few (hundred) pictures.

Here he is wearing the Dunkin Duckies romper I shared here. FYI, the shirt that came with the Ready to Smock from Martha Pullen runs a tad snug in the tummy. Of course the little buddha tummy he has going on could be contributing to that little issue. Here the shirt he is wearing is a purchased bodysuit. It is available here. He may have to have a few more of those. No matter, he was handsome.

Then the two diaper sets featured here, were up next. Both of these are a size six months.

It is tough for Mimi to get a smile out of him. He hasn't become quite as accustomed to the click of a shutter yet. We will get him trained.

More going on in the sewing room, faithful reader. Shhhh...... Ten weeks till Christmas.

And because I can:

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  1. Handsome, cute, Buddha belly and all! Love the little diaper sets.


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