Saturday, September 28, 2013

What I Did on my Summer Vacation


Summer has waned, I am not sure where it went but it flew by so fast I felt a breeze. I didn't plant one flower in the yard or window box because I knew I wouldn't be here to tend to them. I had grand thoughts of making a post about each of the things I did over the summer over the next couple of weeks. Nah, not gonna happen. Here in one post is "What I Did on My Summer Vacation"

Our overseas kiddos came home in late spring and that started our whirlwind. We went to a ballgame. They were appropriately decked out in home town team gear.

We had fun at the annual parish carnival.

We went to the zoo. Some petted the animals, some did not. The carousel was NOT a big hit.

Next up was the first of many trips up and down this highway. You can't imagine how long Mississippi can get. I was sure it grew by a few hundred miles.

I snuck away and attended Wendy Schoen's La Broderie Bayou. That was fun. I need to finish this project so she can wear it next spring.

Next up was the aquarium.

I did sew a teeny bit at the beginning of summer. I sewed pom pom trim on Peanut's nursery drapes for his momma. Here the nursery awaits.

Wrote and submitted an article to Sew Beautiful. Then....

in a flurry of excitement, our newest little Prince arrived. The pace of the next ten days slowed considerably as we rocked and snuggled as well as helping to take care of his momma. The oeverseas bunch left for now.

Mimi returned home to spend the next few weeks planted in a chair, feverishly stitching a christening gown. I truly thought the moss would grow over the chair and me! 250 hours were spent in that chair or at the sewing machine. Not really sure why this one took so much longer but every minute and every stitch was worth it.

Just a teeny sneak peak. Look for more later. Next up, the overseas crowd returns and we hit the highway again.

The gown was finished just in time for the portraits. I think we all worked just as hard for the "photo shoot" as I did stitching the gown. We were exhausted! So what do girls do when they need to regroup and refresh?

They go to tea! What better way to relax?

Princess was all over the tea concept. Having tea party. Her tea of course was milk, don't contaminate her cup with real tea! The biggest hit? Clotted cream which she thought was a higher form of butter. Princess loves herself some butter.

More snuggles with this little guy.

A highlight of the trip was a street car ride! All of the kids had a thrill with that.

What is summer without a little pool time? Even the newest babe had a little pool party.

Since Princess wasn't here with us for her birthday, we had a belated celebration in the park, in the rain. No one seemed to care. We had cake, she had none. We opened gifts, she wouldn't hear of it. We sang Happy Birthday, she cried. After the formalities, we let her loose in the park and she was all smiles and excitement. From one ride to the next. Forget that party stuff, give her a slide.

All of the family came together to celebrate Peanut's baptism. Having all of my kiddos there was icing on the cake.

Having your Gada officiate at your baptism is even more special. A truly blessed day.

The after party was just as wonderful. Can you tell we are a partying bunch? Gada's tell tale golf tan doesn't hide the fact that this little Peanut has a strong family resemblance to his Gada.

Back up the highway we came. Now to pack up the house for another big project.

Renovation and new flooring. What a job that is. And is still not finished I might add.

In between the song of saws, drills and hammers there were more trips to the park.

The Magic House was a big hit. I highly recommend it as it is one of the country's premier children's museums.

I sewed a teeny bit in between

I must have sat on, laid on and evaluated 100 sofas. My quads hurt me the next day.

There was an entire day and a half devoted to fabric selection. Who knew this process was so involved? Not me!

Time to pack again.

A little of this, no singing of this though; 

some (ok quite a few) of these.

Blew my lace budget here.

Watched an awesome glass blowing demo, 

saw some lace making

We quickly visited Torcello, and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. I would think that the numerous tourists would love to see the inside, these people are crowded around the doorway for another reason. We stumbled across a late summer wedding taking place on this sparsely populated island. 

Before we leave romantic Venezia we had the opportunity to sit and watch the parade for the 600+ year old Regatta. Time to board the train for the overseas kid's home, the City of Mosaics. 

The view out their kitchen window. I wish I had remembered to take a photo at night. Breathtaking.

We walked over 30 miles that week seeing all the Unesco Heritage sites in Ravenna. One more beautiful than the last. Which I am sure precipitated a visit to

here. No, this is not a Throwback Thursday photo. Hospitals in Italy are a throwback to the 60's! A glitch in our trip, but all is well. 

Time for the real reason for our trip, Princess's first day of school. Growing up too fast. Children start school at three. Mimi wasn't ready.

One last lunch at one of the many cafes and time to fly back home.

We arrived home the night before this sweet Peanut came to stay at Mimi's house. Mommy and Daddy had a wedding to attend. Mimi was all to happy to babysit.

Even though a sweet boy was here, there is no rest for the weary. Construction continues but we are closing in on completion. Floors are in, carpet is installed upstairs, furniture is back where it came from. On to making drapes and praying for an early arrival of new furniture for the living room.

Peanut and his Mama were with us for a week, sadly it was time for them to return home as well. They left and wayward son returned home for a weekend. The only visit we are missing is oldest daughter. Hint, hint. 

So that is what I did with my summer, what did you do with yours? It is officially fall here. Getting ready for a Gail Doane class with my local SAGA chapter. Time has flown this year, the rest of the year promises to be just as busy. My sewing room is cleaned up, mostly, time to get in there. Too many ideas, not enough time.


  1. Makes me tired just to read it all!! Sounds like you had a great summer tho. Having fun is tiring.

  2. I love your vacation summary!! One look at the close up photo of your latest Christening Gown tells me why it took you so long! Isn't family the best!!

  3. Hands down favorite, Hank on the packing boxes.
    That kid is a hoot!
    We need way more pictures of Europe. Sigh........
    How blessed you are! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Wow, I'm exhausted after traveling through your summer! How exciting, and what grand memories. Have a quick question, what is that elephant smocking plate in Peanut's last picture?

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  11. Thank you for sharing the highlights of your summer—it was a delightful read, and I look forward to hearing about the adventures that the rest of the year holds for you. Wishing you many more moments of joy, creativity, and love!
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