Saturday, August 24, 2013

Birthday "Becky"

Faithful reader I am attempting to play catch up. I realized I had never posted about the birthday outfit for Princess. Now that you mention it, there is a whole lot I haven't posted about during this crazy summer. All of that aside, here is the little shorts set I made for Princess' 3rd birthday.

Children's Corner Becky

I used Children's Corner "Becky" for the shorts set. The fit was great when worn as intended. Princess has an annoying habit of shoving her pants, shorts, bloomers and panties down below her tummy. When she does this, it makes it appear as if the shirt is too short. Its not. Fabric is from Nashville Cottons.

Gigi Designs

The embroidery design is from Gigi Designs. Stitches up great. She likes to "blow out" the candle.

Sweet gingham seersucker collar and shorts with fun purple buttons. Her favorite color right now.

Why a picture of the bows over the side slits? Because it took as long to make those bows as it did the entire outfit. I am not good at turn cord. No amount of special tools help me.

She doesn't do well with the whole birthday party present and cake thing. Cries when you sing Happy Birthday, wouldn't open gifts with everyone there but oh man, let her loose in a park with slides and she is after it. It didn't matter that we did the slides, swings and climbing in the rain. She loved it. Just don't sing Happy Birthday.

This is what you get when you try to party. Is that not the most pitiful thing you ever saw? Never fear, as I said, once we got to the rides and slides she was a happy camper.


  1. The outfit is adorable and so is she! The story is hilarious!
    I'm so far behind on my blogging also.

    At that age, my little granddaughter would scream if someone even looked at her in a store. She's now 6, and quite the social butterfly. We are still in shock!

  2. Beautiful. Have you tried this method of turning tiny tubes?

  3. You've been missed. Congratulations on winning the Martha Pullen sewing contest. You deserve to be number one!

  4. A terrific little outfit.
    Like your grand daughter I do not enjoy birthday party silliness. I was thus hopeless at organising birthday parties for my own children. In the end they demanded that I stop these pathetic events. As an adult I have learned three or four alternative versions of the Birthday Song which have been useful. But the idea of celebrating birthdays is not known in many cultures around the world, so I know I am not alone in my view. Now, I have definitely had enough birthdays and no more shall ever be mentioned please!

  5. Perfect birthday outfit, even in the rain! She is just precious, and I believe has her priorities right. Swinging and sliding sounds much more fun than listening to a bunch of grown ups sing off key! We may need to encourage a little more appreciation for cake, though!

  6. Your grandaughter is so cute and looks lovely in her gorgeous new outfit.


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