Sunday, May 15, 2011


The only constant in life is change. Life around here is in a constant state of flux it seems. The question is; why does it always come at you at warp speed? 

Just yesterday I am sure, this sweet little imp stood on my bed and declared this day, her kindergarten graduation, her "very special day."  I have always said we should view the world through Amy's eyes. If we did, we would know the world was created just for us!

A mom knows within herself that her job is to work herself out of a job. I think I have almost done that. Baby girl moved away yesterday, probably for the last time. She heads for the Big Easy to start a new job, a new home, a new life.

Not sure where that little imp went but she has grown into a beautiful young woman. She makes this momma proud.

I sure hope he knows what he has gotten himself into and that the road to home is never too far. She is known to suffer from epic homesickness. He is good to her and makes her laugh, what more can a momma ask for?

We love you Aim and this one is for you.


  1. gulp!!!! this one made me cry!!!

  2. Oh Martha, I am crying. I miss my big girl so much too. Missing her is a physical ache that I am sure you understand. For Mother's Day, my hubby bought me airplane tickets to go visit her. I leave on Friday!
    It is so hard to let our chicks leave the nest, isn't it.

  3. I am not very far away from her...she can call me anytime. She can even sit with me in church on Sunday morning if she wants to. :))

  4. My daughter is a little over an hr away from me - she's not too far away, but it isn't quite the same without her right here. Like you, I couldn't be happier to know that she has a husband that loves her more than life itself ....which helps to make it comforting to know she's well taken care of, even if her mama isn't close by!

  5. Oh friend! Roots and have given her both. That is one of "our" songs as well....and Brown Eyed Girl! don't get me started.....Your prayers have been answered and Amy is a lucky girl to have you as her momma....her rock.

  6. Just put my big, little girl on the plane for a study abroad program.....time is of the essence my friend, you are so right. Now for some hot tea and tissues.

    Darby ox

  7. I, too, have had to say good-bye to having my younger daughter close by. Not only miles away, but her location being in DC makes me worry about her safety. My older daughter is close by and I love getting together with her. I am excited that younger daughter will be home for a visit soon. My arms are ready to administer lots of hugs.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  8. I know you will miss her and she will miss you... but the phone lines will always be open.

  9. My "baby" girl just finished highschool... time just keeps marching on!

  10. Not out of a job, just into a new one! Those grandbabies are coming at warp speed and a mimi's work is never done:) Good luck to her as she moves into the big world. She has a mom who has obviously prepared her well for it!

  11. Our job as mothers is to raise these wonderful chicks to fly away and raise their own families. I miss my beautiful daughter and her even more beautiful daughter every day. But that's what we were put on this Earth for. Thank goodness for phones, email and instant messaging!

    So I wonder how many people "got" the title of your post? I certainly did! But then, I'm one of those "ladies of a certain age".


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