Friday, February 18, 2011

Let the Good Times Roll!

Or as my mother would have said it, "Laissez les bons temps rouler!" It is Mardi Gras season. FYI: Mardi Gras season officially started January 6th with Epiphany or King's Day. In Mobile parades started the first weekend in February. In New Orleans, parades start tomorrow. So get your party hats on, get your Hurricane mixes ready, have your moon pies ready to toss, it is time to party!

Our baby may have a tooth but she is not quite ready for moon pies. She does need a new frock for her first Mardi Gras.

Won't she be cute? The fabrics are apple green lined pique from Farmhouse Fabrics and grape pima cotton gingham from Bessie Mary.

The pattern is Lucy by Children's Corner. I used a size 12 months but I did shorten it about an inch and a half to add the ruffle. Mom wanted it to hit above her knees. The bloomers are also a Children's Corner pattern. Frannie Baby. They are nice and full with a wide enough crotch to accomodate a cloth diaper.

The applique came from Planet Applique. It was a challenge to find a design that was Mardi Gras and youthful enough at the same time.

I am all for having something for Mardi Gras, but I am a practical Mimi as well. 

So to extend the wear, it is reversible. The second side is the grape gingham with a precious baby girl hippo.

The hippo is a from the Babycakes collection by Sew Many Designs. She is stylin' with her hairbow!

One of the challenges was the straps when making it reversible. I could have just had the straps button in the opposite directions when using the reverse side. That wasn't working for me.

So instead there are buttons on both sides of the strap. That can be kind of tricky. It is a little fiddly to stitch them both on and still form a thread shank for each button. But they look cute.

Are you ready for Mardi Gras? Here is a link for a couple of songs to get you in the mood!

Click here!!


  1. Thanks for the pics...I'd always wondered what moon pies were. Here in western Canada we call them Wagon Wheels.


  2. Cute outfit, great idea making it usable after Mardi Gras.

  3. I miss New Orleans! I lived there years ago and had so much fun and met the nicest people. LOVE baby's new outfit! Presh-ush!

  4. That is such a cute little outfit. Perfect timing as well, I am making a jumper from the CC William and Winnie pattern and making it reversible. Just about to sew on the buttons. We'll see if mine turn out as well as yours. Hope to see this one modeled soon!

  5. How cute is that!!! I love the practicality of reversible things!!! I've never been to Mardi Gras. I think it would be fun. I've been to New Orleans several times.

  6. Cute dress Martha!

    We are so happy to be back down in the midst of the festivities! This will the the first year our 3 year old with experience Mardi Gras. In fact, we are going to a small town parade today. Let's just hope the weather is beautiful again!

  7. How sweet is this! I remember Mardi Gras well.

  8. that is that it's reversible too!

  9. Does that mean she is coming to visit me for Mardi Gras? I would love to meet her in person!

  10. Do you sleep???? Beautiful colors and fabric picks! Best dressed baby in the world, hands down!

  11. Happy Mardi Gras from the heart of Cajun country. Born, raised and still live in Lafayette. City Mardi Gras is nice but, everyone should experience at least one country Mardi Gras and watch the riders come in. Now that is a site. Love all your info and read it often.

  12. What is the trick to getting buttons on both sides of a reversible dress? I ended up moving them from side to the other every time my daughter wore her holiday dress. I sewed them on so tight that there was no slack for the fabric to sit behind the button. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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