Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy Stitching, How 'Bout You?

I have been busier than a one armed paper hanger! Or so they say. I have never met a one armed paper hanger, so I have no idea how busy he would be. If he is as busy as I have been the past few days, he's busy! Since Saturday, I have pre-constructed three bishops, cut out one pleated romper and one newborn basic yoke with slip. I have pleated two of the bishops as well as pleated the basic yoke. The embroidery on the yoke and slip is complete and as you see above, I have the smocking on the basic yoke 98% complete. All it lacks are seven little rosebuds. There has been a population boom lately. I have lots of baby gifts to complete quickly so I can get back to Princess's summer wardrobe.

In addition to all of that sewing room work, I had dinner with a friend and her husband on Saturday night.


This friend! You may recognize her as Bessie Mary. I forgot my camera Saturday, so I am blatantly admitting right here that I STOLE her picture right off her blog!! She's going to shoot me. :) But she has already left town so she can't smack me in person. We had a great time over dinner. I just wish we had had longer to sit and visit. She and her husband were traveling through town and we grabbed the chance to get together. Take it from me, she looks great! It was wonderful to get a chance to hug her neck.


I also had dinner with 3/4 of my children and a couple of significant others on Sunday after church. So I got to see this little "Miss Crabbypants" as her mommy sadly called her. She was feeling kind of puny. That second tooth was giving her fits and consequently giving everyone else fits as well. She looks kind of pitiful, I don't think she even realizes her ear is folded in half. She was in quite a good mood on Saturday though.

She's got her party on! Mommy said she had a ball at the photographer's playing with all of those beads.

So I am smocking like a madman for National Smocking Month. What are you smocking? I am off to stitch those little rosebuds while I watch a little TV. Keep stitching faithful reader.

NOTE: Janie asked if I prewash my fabrics. How loudly can I say YES!!!!!!!! All if takes is having one garment shrink to almost unwearable after spending many, many hours stitching. I was making a First Communion dress for my Goddaughter out of Swiss batiste. Against my better judgement I didn't prewash the fabric. It shrank FOUR INCHES after it was completed. I am not even 100% sure she wore it. I was sick. Of course I finished the dress four days before the event. So there was no time nor $$$ to redo it in time. So yes I always prewash fabrics in warm/hot water and throw it in the dryer.

Janie also asked if I mix fabric contents in the same project. I have on occasion but don't usually. As stated above I preshrink all my fabrics so if I do mix them, uneven shrinkage is not usually an issue. The main reason I wouldn't is to keep that care of the entire garment the same. But if all I have on hand is a different fiber content and it is perfect for the job, I will use it.


  1. Thank you for your prompt answer to my preshrinking question!!

    Another question.....can you do a tutorial on how to put a bishop through a pleater successfully? I have 3 different pleaters and I nearly lose my religion each time I have to pleat anything but an insert. Where I get into trouble is about a few inches from the neckline where it starts to curve into the underarm area. Where am I supposed to put all that excess fabric???

  2. You really have been busy! I am starting the smocking on an insert for my 5 year old grand's Easter dress. I'm going to try picture smocking. I've done some, but not much.
    Bessie Mary looks great. It would be wonderful to meet you and/or her and have lunch.
    I'm so sorry that little miss was feeling badly, but glad she perked up the next day.
    She is adorable in the mardi gras outfit!

  3. Yes, I know what you mean about being busy! I am once again working from home and it is all I can do to keep up with embroidery and then to blog! I love the way smocking looks! The baby is just adorable! Keep enjoying your handwork! blessings,Kathleen

  4. I'm hankering for some smocking, too. I just can't seem to settle on a project.

    No dust bunnies under your shoes! Your evening with Bessie Mary sounds like it was special. It is such fun meeting those we "talk" to on the internet so often.

  5. That is a lot of smocking and sewing! I have so many projects I want to get done this spring I need some of that energy to get them all done. I can't wait to see your smocked items completed. No doubt they will all be on my list of things to copy from you!

  6. What fun to have dinner with Jan. I'm smocking for little Miss Crabbypants for her Summer wardrobe. It is snowing and blowing here so Summer seems far away.

  7. Have not forgotten you... have not gotten back in that room lately. One armed paper hanger and not sewing.. :( BTW, tiny laugh. When I looked at that first pic I wondered...what is that string all over that dress. Then realized it was the southern matriarch thingie. Still green with envy over dinner with Jan and Tom.

  8. I just have to say, I love to visit your blog :). You're so inspiring! I was wondering if you would show us a close up of your pleater box your dad made?
    The baby is just adorable! Have a Great Day!


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