Friday, December 11, 2009

Need some inspiration?

First posted by iveyc95

I got nothin! I don't have anything to share right now, so what do I do when I am procrastinating on what I should be doing? I surf; lucky for everyone involved it doesn't involve water, bathing suits(gasp), large fiberglass boards or wax.

I just love the above basic yoke dress. Something about that pink/gray feather wale corduroy that just makes me smile. Those hippos are too cute.

First posted by Time Really Does Fly

Cheryl just has a way with a bishop that I just adore. Every single time her bishops just look perfect to me. This one looks like cotton candy.

First posted by Angelasews 

 I have professed before that I am not much of a doll person, but this is just too cute. They navy/white combo looks so crisp and winter like to me. Her photography is great too.

First posted by anna fabó art

This needle artist is from Spain and she has a much different take on the usual smocked dress. I want to figure out how she does the sleeves. I think I could do it, but like trying a new restaurant, I don't think about it when I set out to do something new.

So faithful reader, hopefully I will have something to show and share soon.


  1. Martha, thank you very much :)

  2. Thanks, Martha. I am inspired! The Spanish piece really has my wheels turning. I will be needing a bishop in the near future and will save this possibility. Thanks.

  3. Hi, Anna Fabo is fabulosa! Talk about inspiration. I've gone through all her bishop photos. The sleeves seem to be smocked angel sleeves, I think they're called "cap sleeves". I am most definitely trying this out.
    Also, I agree,m Cheryl M. is a master bishop artist.

  4. Oh, you make me laugh (wax! LOL) . . . and then you inspire. This bishop is gorgeous. How much of a master do I have to be?
    PS: My iron arrived. I'm pressin' on.

  5. These are gorgeous! I love that little white bishop!


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