Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas blessings

The clock has just turned past midnight. It is now Christmas Eve. There is no deeper quiet than a sleeping house at Christmas time. The house is quiet, the returning children are asleep, only the tree glows in the corner. It is a night I love.

Morning will bring cooking and last minute preparations. Tonight will bring Midnight Mass. I love Midnight Mass. Every year "Silent Night" gets me. I remember those who have gone before, all the Christmas eves past. I imagine a young couple away from home becoming a family in less than ideal accommodations. What was that young girl thinking? Her betrothed? Was he worried about how he would provide for his family? In their humanity how could they even fathom what was to come?

Relish the smells, the sights, the sounds (or the absence of them), the tastes and the feel of Christmas. Remember all the gifts that have been given to us. Be renewed with peace and grace for unto us a child is born.

I leave you with one of my favorite carols.


  1. Merry Christmas Martha. Thank you for all the beautiful inspiration.
    I pray you have a beautiful and blessed Christmas.

  2. That brought a Mum loved Aled Jones when he was a little choir boy singing on British telly..Merry Christmas Martha.

  3. Christmas blessings to your and yours! Enjoy the silence -- and the noise, too!

  4. I was scrolling through my blog feed on google reader and saw Once in Royal David's City and thought "that is one of my absolute favorites, but people rarely mention it. Who on earth do I subscribe to that loves it as well?"
    Lo and behold- not surprised!
    Merry Christmas mom.

  5. Beautiful voices, and a favorite carol of mine as well, Martha; thanks!
    A Blessed Christmas to you and to Jimmy, and to all your family!

  6. ♫ Merry Christmas, Martha! ♫

    I've so enjoyed your beautiful & inspiring blog this year. May you have a blessed Christmas with your family.


  7. Between White Christmas and Once in Royal Davids City, I know for sure we are sisters from another mother. :) I hope your Christmas was wonderful as you.


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