Friday, August 7, 2009

Wee Care smocking

It is time for the fair again. I am sad that the two big projects I wanted to get finished have not happened. I am even more sad because I hear that submissions to the fair's smocking category are down this year. :::Sigh::: So, I have been furiously trying to get a Wee Care gown smocked this week. I am headed to the sewing room now to apply the bias binding on the neck and sleeves. I may re-do some of the embroidery on the hem if I have time.

If you ever want to get a good look at your stitching, take a picture of it. When you upload it, you will see every lump, bump and bruise. Oh well, don't have time to re do it all.

Back later with more.

Have you been following Needle N Thread's thread painting lessons? I have to catch up. Eeek! All of my kids will be home next week so don't know how much stitching I will get done. Peaches are almost done too, need to get some jelly made.


  1. I have never entered anything into a fair. There's not even a fair in this county anymore. There was when I was a kid. I miss that. I guess I could enter the neighboring county's fair.

  2. I love the variegated thread you used--very subtle! I have entered our state fair for the last 4 years...have entered at least one thing with smocking every year. Do you have a special category for smocked items? We used to, but not this year--very sad to see declining interest.

  3. Julia, we don't have a county fair where I live either. These are for the state fair.

    Marsha, our state fair had dropped the smocking category as well. THe other SAGA chapter in our state was instrumental in getting it back. The deal was we had to keep the category populated to keep it. So perhaps you could contact the superintendent of your state fair and see if you could get it back.


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