Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The tiniest smocked bishop

No I have not forgotten you, just have been uber busy. All of my kids were home for a whirlwind visit. We celebrated youngest daughter's birthday while they were home. I don't the last time all of them were home to cut birthday cake. My husband always smiles when they are all around the dinner table again. Of course, that meant I had to cook as well. Something I am way out of practice on. It is amazing how easily you can not cook. It was fun to have them home but boy was I pooped when they left.

Another reason for my absence is I have had limited internet access. That is the reason I have not been able to post as I would like. Hopefully the cable monopoly in our area will be able to work out our connectedness by this weekend. I will then be back on my mac computer that I miss very much.

I haven't had a chance to get back to my drawn threadwork but I have done some quick stitching. Our SAGA chapter is working on a quilt of smocked dresses. This is my block.

I am convinced that if you really want to see how your stitching looks, take a picture of it. I had no idea that the left side of my "dress" was cock eyed until I posted this picture. Oh well it is done now. The little dress is out of a precious lawn smocked with another overdyed floss in a soft green/blue color. I tucked a teeny bit of tulle in the sleeves so they would hold their puff.
I am working on a baby gift for next week so I will have pics of that soon. Picture smocking here I come.


  1. Martha, I looked and looked and do not see any cockeyed smocking on your little smocked dress. It looks perfect to me and oh, so darling!

  2. Oh that is adorable! How big is it? A ruler alongside would give us some perspective.
    I used to belong to the local SAGA chapter (sorry, I'll join again down the road - when I have grandchildren?) and we used to do an ornament exchange at Christmastime. One year one of the members smocked a tiny bishop for an ornament. I can't remember now if she did this before or after that issue of SB with the same thing. And now that I've remembered that, I'm thinking there was a designer that had a similar quilt idea, but I can't remember if she smocked, or what she did with the dresses. At any rate, you did a fabulous job, and I can't detect anything not perfect either!

  3. Thanks so much guys. I actually now have a second block to do to get all 12 of our blocks for the quilt. In answer to your question designdreamer, the dress about 6" square.
    And my boo boo wasn't the smocking but the stitching it to the block. The left side seems hitched up higher than the right side of the dress. But its cute. I can live with it.

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  5. Martha...LOVE it!!! It is so cute. What is your chapter doing with the completed quilt???? A raffle?? I'd love to know. I do hope you'll show a picture of the completed quilt....please???

  6. This will be an incredible quilt. You tiny dress is darling.Did you smock with just one or two threads? Half rows?

  7. Thanks Cindy. Our chapter is actually doing two quilts. One will be our convention basket and the second one will be for a raffle at our auction.

    Thank you Bunny, I used two strands of floss for the smocking. And it is half space rows which I do pretty standard anymore. I always pleat half spaces.


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