Friday, June 26, 2009

Linen daygown part 1 of 100

I pulled out the daygown from Wendy's school. I have three more diamonds to mark, then I will start pulling threads. The above picture is the first diamond I did in class. A huge learning curve with that. I am hoping that the others go more quickly.

This is the lower back of the gown. Sorry for all the wrinkles, this is how linen looks in progress. The stitched diamond is in the center back. The entire gown is cut in one block. The only other pattern piece is the sleeve. That center diamond is a bit higher than the others along the hem. Those "stitching" lines you see are the markings of the center of the diamonds. Hopefully next time I will have a diamond pulled so you can see.

To answer a couple of questions, Bunny asked which thread I used for the shell stitched hem. I use DMC 50 weight normally. You could use Madeira 80 wt but that is really too fine for construction.

Julia asked when the school on Avery Island is held. It is USUALLY the first week of June. Watch Wendy's website for more details after the first of the year.

Till next time, stay cool and pick up a needle. It does the soul good.


  1. Thanks for the response. I am dying to follow you with these diamonds. They are amazing.

  2. Very pretty! I love the gown. I still bow to your ability.

  3. Oh WOW!! Beautiful.
    The outside diamonds (and scallop) look a lot like a Scandinavian technique (who's name escapes me at the moment) that I learned many years ago. What I learned was done on more coarse linen, but I know it could be done on very fine linen as well. Now it's going to bug me all day as to what it's called.

  4. I'm so excited! I remembered! (with the help of google - isn't the 'net wonderful in that way?)
    It's called Hardanger - have a look:
    My home town was settled by Norwegians so one would see this in the import shops in town.


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