Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No I haven't forgotten you

What have I been doing you ask?

Ran a few of these, okay a lot of these.

In order to stuff them into one of these. A LARGE one of these. I am only paying for one stinkin' bag and I am going to make it count.

Trying to do this,

thank heaven they put this christening off until the end of June!!!!! Whew! Because I plan to take it


while I sit here,

sip a few of these.

and do a bit of this.

I have 4 planes and 3 airports. I should get the embroidery finished and can sew it together when I get back. I PROMISE when I return next week the embroidery will be done.

I promise to

NOT hang out with this guy,

or these little guys.

I'll be hanging out with these lunatics instead except for one son in law who can't be there. Or at least that is the story he is telling. He may be going on his own vacation without the rest of us. He is smarter than the average bear!

This is what the weathermap says:
Heavy rain occurring on May 20 | May 21 | May 22 | May 23 | May 24. Total amount 3.89 Inches.

This could be me by next Wednesday if that is the case.

While I am gone remember to do this.

Sweet, sweet, summertime!!!!!


  1. Have a wonderful time! Are you taking handwork to do while sitting on the beach? Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Have a wonderful time! We will miss you.

  3. Is there room in the suitcase for me? A beach vacation, even with rain, sounds wonderful! Have a great time with the family.

  4. I wish all of you guys could come with me. Off to finish stuffing that suitcase.

  5. Sounds lovely!! I wish I was going with you! :)) Have fun!


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