Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Registration Day!

For SAGA National Convention that is. I know so many of my stitching friends and I get excited about registering for SAGA convention every year. We look forward to the time together, the classes we will take, the laughs we will have, the new things we will learn, the catching up we will do, the inspiration we will get from other stitchers, the late nights of solving all of life's trial and troubles, the sharing of stitching ideas and resolving to keep the friendships alive. Do you see a trend here?

Convention is more than taking classes. Its is about the people as well.

On a flip side SAGA is more than convention. Being married to a former Executive Director of SAGA I was used to hearing him say that, but I just had this conversation with another SAGA member earlier in the week. I have posted before about the mission of SAGA but it bears repeating:

"Our purpose is to preserve and foster the art of smocking and related needlework for future generations, through education, communication, and quality workmanship."

SAGA has much more to offer than just convention. Because lets face it, there are many times in everyone's life when going away for a weekend or a week to take classes and hang out with other stitching friends is just not possible. It hasn't always been possible for me. I am thankful that at this time in my life I can.

SAGA has opportunities to take correspondence courses if getting away for a class isn't in your calendar or budget. For a correspondence course you have 2-4 lessons that you stitch, send to a teacher who offers critique as well as encouragement.

There are small snippet projects that can be purchased for the affordable cost of $8. They are called SAGA Stitches. These quick one time "classes" can be used individually or stitched with a group of friends or in a chapter meeting if you are fortunate to belong to a chapter.

Individual chapters are also one of the treasures of SAGA. There are chapters of all sizes across the country and the globe. If you have one near you I encourage to join it. If not, it only takes 3 people, a nominal charter fee and the desire to learn and grow together to start a local SAGA chapter.

There is also the chance to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, reaching out to those in need through Wee Care. I have posted many times about my love of Wee Care. Here and here and here. I told you, I love Wee Care.

So I have registered now so that I can do this again.


  1. Who is that person wearing a hat? Didn't their Mom raise them better?? And who could forget Lori winning that basket in Atlanta? So glad you put we will solve world problems as I can think of a few we need to work on in September this year. Off to make a wee care gown in honor of the day! Well maybe a few bonnets... :)

  2. I so wish I were going this year, so my "mantra" is,
    "next year in Norfolk!!!!!"

    You will all have so much fun (oh, and get a lot accomplished!)!

  3. I'm signed up for convention and I'm so excited...this will be my first convention. I've only been smocking for a few years...check out my latest work on my blog!

  4. Robin, it is good to look at those pics isn't it?

    Joan we will miss you this year. But you have to take care of that handsome man.

    Marsha, I am so excited for you. You will have a blast. Look me up.


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