Saturday, January 17, 2009

What is this?

Exactly what is this? Is it a scrap basket? Laundry? bedding for the cat? Wouldn't he love that?

No! It is a basket of love. It is Wee Care gowns waiting to be smocked and constructed like this sweet wee gown above. Our chapter is trying a different gown for us. For this gown we used Ginger Snaps Raglan gown from her Daygown Book IV.

I have a boy gown in the works too. But for now a sweet trim, a tiny embroidery compliment the simple geometric smocking.


  1. This is beautiful, Martha. Does the wee care size come in that pattern?

  2. Thank you Bunny, yes it does. It comes in 5 or 6 different sizes from 1# up to Infant size.

  3. Very sweet, and for such a sweet cause. You've got your boullions down!

  4. Precious, Martha - so dainty and sweet! :)

  5. Thanks everyone. I just love Wee Care gowns.

  6. martha
    what perfection!! such a sweet gown. I should make one of those for my new grandbaby on the way. my dd said everythin is always too bi, even when the baby is not a preemie. She could wear that til she grows into the other things I have made!! I love your work!!


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