Monday, January 19, 2009

Could it be?

Another year has come and gone and now it is my birthday! What will I do today? Don't know. Not much probably. I think the son wants to make dinner. He's probably worried I won't so he is going to take over the helm with that. I have heard from all of my kids. I have even gotten a few gifts and cards.

I have to brag on one of my friends. She is always ragging on her own work. So I am going to display it for all the world to see. Or at least the 7 people who come here.

Aren't they both grand? One is a ribbon rose on a wonderful smelling sachet. That is lavender pods you see. And the other is a book stop. I think she did a wonderful job. Thanks L!

So happy birthday to me! Here is a little musical rendition.


  1. Happy Birthday dear Martha!

    I hope your dear son treats you like the queen you are tonight with a meal he cooks and that he also cleans up after himself! (One can dream, right?)

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Martha!!!!!


  3. Happiest of birthdays to a dearest lady!
    Loves and Hugs

  4. Happy Birthday, Martha!! Hope you had a wonderful day today! The ribbon rose sachet and door stop are just lovely!

  5. Happy Birthday, Martha! Your friend's work is lovely.

  6. Happy Birday Mom!
    That picture is too cute.

  7. Dear Martha,
    Happy, happy Birthday to you. I love you....

  8. I hope your special day was filled with all of your favorite things!!!

  9. Happy belated birthday, Martha.

    THAT is without a doubt the most perfect ribbon rose I think I have ever seen. GORGEOUS!

  10. I only know one person named Ouida!
    Hey Miss Ouida- what's up?
    Hey mom- tell Miss Ouida I said hello to her. And now I'm apparently using your comment section for my own personal communication center.

  11. She does rag on herself for no reason... and in case you did not get the other birthday greetings... happy day again!


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