Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday #1 Daughter

Going home from the hospital.
We are both so young!

I wasn't home last week to mark the auspicious occasion of #1 daughter's THIRTIETH birthday! How did I get a child that old? I am still only 21 myself. I tease her unmercifully but in all seriousness my life would be less luminous without her. She was the first to make me a mom. A job that has meant more to me than any other. She was the first to teach me the meaning of love, loving life, joy and the depths of gratitude. You are a joy baby girl and am glad I have had the chance to be your mom.

In the neonatal nursery.
Even at 34 weeks she was kicking up her heels.
Who is that wooly man with her mother?


  1. Who is that wooly man? I'm tell'in Jimmy... Oh, is that????

  2. I have one of those formerly wooly men hanging around my house too!

    What a great picture of you all!

  3. Martha, can you believe how calm she was at market? I had only planned on helping her an hour or so later on in the evening. I wanted to shop, (I have yet to really shop at SAGA market, I have always worked), go to Atlanta mart, get ready for my Sat class.

    She got behind getting her booth set up b/c of the police report. We brought what we could in and I started setting up while Maja and trolly guys brought the rest of the stuff in. Market started before her booth was ready.

    The hotel was really good to her. They cleaned up her van, taped up the window and parked it in a secure place the rest of the week.

    She would not have a soul in her booth until I would wander away to shop. Then she would be covered up and several people wanting fabric. I did get some lace from the german couple. And some fabric from the Smocking bird who are just across town from me. LOL! Have a good evening!

  4. I meant to add that I ended working in her booth all afternoon and evening, except when I would go wandering about to try to shop.

  5. My GOD that child is gorgeous!

    Love you too mom.

    Have to admit it is still somewhat of a shock to see that much hair on my father. Especially given the amount he's got today!


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