Friday, October 3, 2008

Dolly needs a new dress

Not getting rid of all of your UFO's can be a good thing. This doll dress is left from a class I took in 1997 at my first SAGA convention. It was a class on Madeira applique by Wendy Schoen. The only reason I have a doll dress is because it was a class project. I think doll clothes are great and perhaps when I have grand daughters I will relish in making doll clothes; (I have a hard time imagining that.) but doll clothes just are not my thing. But that is okay, I have this project and I finished it because my local chapter is having a raffle of an American Girl Doll and wardrobe. (If you are interested in tickets let me know.) This UFO was so old I had to piece together enough fabric to finish the dress and I am sure there were more scraps left from the collar but I couldn't find them, so I had to piece together cuffs for the sleeves as well. In the pictures it looks like the buttons are different sizes but they are the same size. Shoot I even used some of my prized antique baby buttons for this project.

Who ever wins this doll probably won't know or care that they are antique mother of pearl buttons. I enjoy using them. Better to use them than leave them in a box to be sold at a garage sale later on.

The doll raffle is to fund our chapter Wee Care project so I am happy to contribute. Below is another class project from Norfolk's SAGA convention in 2003. It is a bishop out of Swiss batiste. The unique feature of this dress is that there are no side seams. Kind of cool.

At this rate I MAY finish convention projects before I die. I probably would have to stop going to convention to catch up though.


  1. These are both so lovely. I like dolls but for now would rather sew for real little girls. Like you, maybe later that will change.

  2. Hi Martha,

    I love both of the doll dresses!!! You did a great job, as ALWAYS!

  3. Is that Samantha or Molly?

  4. Thanks guys.

    Amanda dear it is Samantha.

  5. Martha...I love the doll dresses. I, too, enjoy looking at doll dresses but find it hard to muster up the motivation to sew them. Too small and fiddly for me. When is the raffle? I might get some tickets from you. family and I are heading over for the SAGA Market on Friday next week and then we have reservations at American Girl the next day. We are all excited. Maybe I'll get to *meet* you at Market. That would be fun. I am also entering a bonnet for the contest.

  6. Oh how fun!! I do hope we get to meet while you are there.

  7. First time on your blog - I love your posts. The dresses look amazing - really fantastic and detailed.

  8. These doll dresses are just precious!!! I love that green check on the collar!!!
    Great work!!

  9. Hi there Martha, I am in Australia & a friend has passed your blog onto me - I too am very involved in Christening gowns & dolls clothes .. I just love the little green dress it is so detailed & pretty ... thankfully we are able to use our hands to help others in this way - kind regards - Judith of Allsewsmocking in Australia


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