Thursday, August 4, 2016

What is on the Machine?

I was on the road last week, sorry to have missed you. Heres what's on the machine today. I'm excited about it. Hopefully I can show you in a day or so.


  1. Goodmorning
    That little hint of embroidery is so pretty. I'm wondering if you have any advice regarding sewing/embroidery machines? Mine is a Janome MC10000.its good, but I must admit I get starry eyed when I look at the latest Janome. Do you have any advice. (I'm sorry if you've covered this in an old post.
    Thanks from Sue in Australia

    1. Thank you. I would say get the most machine you can afford. Even if you feel like its more machine than you know. You will grow into it. I have a Bernina 770 that I love. I have had it about 15 months. I had a small baby lock for embroidery before that a friend had graciously given me. I knew nothing about machine embroidery when she gave me that machine. I have learned from trial and error, lots of tutorials and you tube videos. For my regular sewing machine before I had/still have a Bernini 1130. I'm a big fan of Bernina. To shop for a machine in your area, try them all. A good dealer is also important. Let me know what you get.

  2. Hi Martha
    I ended up with the Janome 15000. I'm excited and nervous, and on a 'steep' learning curve
    Sue in Australia


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