Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Where has Southern Matriarch Been?

No compass was needed, but I have been on the road. Twenty-five hundred miles, four flights and two weeks out of my own bed.  Like most times, it involved grandchildren. There were picnics to be had, walks to be taken, books to read, legos to build, recitals to see, teacher gifts to make and graduations to applaud.  All in the life of a busy Mimi.

I snapped photos of almost all of the garments I took with me.

LG in her Children's Corner Taylor. Happy girl. She is 20 mos old. I made an 18 month size. It fits perfect. I think the next one, I will use the 18 mos. with a 24 mos. crotch length.

Its almost cuter from the back. Who doesn't love ruffles on a hiney? I stopped Nugget right before he picked one of momma's lemons! I love the way those Parker's Pants fit though. He will be three next week and these are a size three. T-shirt is from Amazon, brand is Joe's USA. I really like them. This one had been washed a couple of times already. Not as inexpensive as some of the embroidery blank t-shirts, but holds up much better in shape and the neckline. Plus the knit is a heavier weight and stands up to being appliquéd/embroidered loads better.

He was proud of momma's flower bed, you would have thought he planted it. I hear those curls are gone, momma took him to get a haircut, he is not a fan. He can no longer twirl it while he talks to you.

This girl is getting too big for Mimi's liking. Almost six years old and loves to dance.

As much fun as her recital was, this was one tired, tiny dancer. Wanted to take her flowers and go home.

I realized I had taken almost  no pictures of Wildman this time. He isn't a big fan of having his picture taken. That must explain why Captain America was only too willing to have his picture snapped!

There are no photos of the front of the Children's Corner Lillian. I have two of the back. Mimi missed her Spring Piano recital so was thrilled when the music teacher at school had all of the after school music students do a small recital.

The only other photos of Wildman. Don't stand in the way of that boy and cake! He is wistfully eyeing the cake table in this picture and complaining of being held back from his intended goal. Same brand and size shirt his cousin is wearing above. They are about the same size except for their legs. Again praise for this brand of t-shirt. His had been washed several times as well. I have purchased more in other colors. His Parker's Pants are a size four with a half inch added in length.

I did sew while I was away. Not the kind of sewing I took with me, and not a quick project either. Somehow, my "help" with the kindergarten teacher gifts grew and grew.

They turned out really cute. I learned a lot from the experience. I want to step right up and say though, I am not a quilter!! There are all kinds of mistakes and faux pas but the drawings the children made for their teachers are all that matter. The teachers loved them. The next time you tell yourself "oh that shouldn't take long", immediately go outside and hit yourself upside the head with a bat, because it will!! Much longer than you expect.

I am home now and zooming along in the sewing room. Family portraits and Camp Mimi are a week away. Stay tuned. I hope you too are working on something fun.


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  1. Welcome back home! It sounds as though you had a wonderful time with your grandchildren.


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