Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Year in Review-Backtracked

I am sliding this in with a retrofit post. Lets hope it works. I never got a chance to do a year end review last year. I enjoy having an accounting of the things I make each year. This year was even more impressive. Of course I didn't blog much in 2015, thus more sewing time. Its odd how that works.

So in keeping with each year's review here goes:

  • Twenty Button Bookmarks for our Annual Auction
  • Twelve Machine Embroidered Napkins, also for the Auction
  • Six Dresses
  • Five Sew Together Bags
  • Five Machine Embroidered T Shirts
  • Five Monogrammed Diaper Covers
  • Three pair of Shorts
  • Four Machine Embroidered Hooded Towels
  • Two Shirts
  • Two Jon-Jon
  • Two Doll Dresses
  • Two Ready to Smock Bishops
  • Three Blouses
  • Two Smocked Bishops, start to finish
  • Two Jumpers with Embroidery
  • Two Short Sets (2 pcs each)
  • Two Embroidered Knit Rompers
  • Two Bubbles with Machine Embroidery
  • Two Monogrammed Ring Bearer Pillow Tops
  • Two Button on Suits
  • One Eton Suit (2 pcs)
  • One Button on Skirt w Blouse (2pcs)
  • One Girls Romper with Machine Embroidery
  • One Machine Embroidered Tooth Fairy Pillow
  • One Button on Bonnet
  • One Skirt/Top set (2pcs)
  • One bloomers
  • One Trick or Treat Bag with Embroidery
  • One multi pocket/page Zipper Tote!!
  • One Hand Embroidered Christening Gown!!
  • Helping One Sweet Girl make her own Teddy Bear Doll (Priceless.)

For a total of 99 garments/projects and a total of 104 pieces.
In addition to this
  • Three Sewing Workshops
  • One Twelve Day Trip Abroad
  • Three First Days of School
  • Hosting One First Birthday Party
  • One Grandparent's Day
  • One Baby's Baptism
  • Purchasing and Learning One New Sewing Machine
Once again I am amazed at how much got done as well as some of the forgotten projects I had done. There is lots of fodder here for some future blog posts. 

Now, there are reviews for each year since 2008.

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