Saturday, July 6, 2013

A New Man in the House

Another arrival has come to stay as well. When traveling to my daughter's she asked that I bring my iron because hers was really carpy. She was not lying! Carpy doesn't begin to describe it. I am not sure it ever got really, really warm; let alone hot.

I decided being the good mom that I am (and wanting those linen daygowns ironed after I left) to gift her with my Reliable Velocity iron. It is a great iron. I have blogged about it before, here. Also too, I will admit I had been wanting a later generation Velocity with the auto-shutoff override. So you see, my reasons weren't 100% altruistic. (Hey don't judge me, she got a great iron in the deal!)  SO of course I had to have an iron. I went looking and found the man of my dreams.

Meet Bubba. The Reliable J490 IronMaven. (Please, what a sissy name for this thing.) Is that a behemoth or what? I will admit I was a tad frightened when I took it out of the box and found wrenches, litmus strips and alarm bells listed in the info. After reading the manual; yes, all of it, I told you I was scared; I tested my water, filled the tank and turned that buddy on. WHOA NELLY! It will shoot steam half way across the room! No lie. I may have to get a separate table for it, it is huge! I'm afraid if I get one of those holders for the end of ironing board it will tip the entire thing over.

I will get over my fear. Hopefully, no lace or fabric victims will occur in the process. I have wanted one of these type of irons for a long time. I am hopeful it won't let me down.


  1. Lucky Daughter! I have been pining over a Velocity iron since I first found your blog and read your review. I finally got one, the Sensor Velocity V200! LOVE it, thanks for the referral.

  2. Wow! When you upgrade, you really do upgrade!! I think I'll get to regular one with the auto shutoff bypass when I get home. My Rowenta can't even get linen napkins nicely done. Grrrr.

  3. The Velocity that I won at convention a couple of years ago just died a couple of weeks ago, I am not happy, no warning the light went out and that was it. My cousin leaves the base of her mega iron on the floor, the cord is long enough to iron comfortably.

  4. I can just hear you....."I am a giver like that"
    Wonderful you are so generous......and wonderful you got a new iron in the deal!


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