Saturday, June 29, 2013

Introducing our New Little Man

What can be more precious than sweet baby feet?  Harrison Edmond is just precious. I had the best time cuddling, gazing, rocking and kissing baby cheeks. The time passed too quickly. Mimi is back home while Mommy and Daddy get on with becoming a family.

When I first traveled to my daughter's, I took these two sweet urchins as well as their mother with me. Poor Wildman had fallen onto the side of the crib a few days before we left. That is why he is sporting that war wound on his forehead. While I attended class at Wendy Schoen's they beached, parked, walked the lake and had a generally good time.


After I was finished traveling to the South Shore to stitch we took a trip here.  A trip to NOLA is not complete without going here.

Princess relished this trip to the utmost. As you can see here, she is chillaxin' with her beignet. Good thing her Mommy was able to be a foot rest for her. She is wearing as much powdered sugar as the tables. And if you have ever been to Cafe Du Monde, you know the tables have a LOT of powdered sugar on them. All. The. Time.

Wildman wasn't too sure about those delectable treats. Not sure what gene pool he is drawing from! Princess was more than willing to take his beignet off his hands. Who lets fried dough go to waste?

After walking several hundred miles, a few dozen spicy meals and finally some medical coaxing, he made his arrival. He is just perfect. Here he is wearing his coming home gown. It is featured in this post. He was quite handsome.

Princess was having nothing to do with this new member of the family but Wildman was very curious. Here is Nanny Erin holding her sweet treasure for the first time as Wildman looks on. "Baby!"

After he came home it was time to marvel in every squeek, yawn and stretch. Why is watching a newborn so fascinating? Here he is getting ready to yawn. Genius! :)

We got a giggle out of our "casserole baby." Pediatrician was concerned about his weight since he is nursing. Mommy was so resourceful. Weighed him before and after feedings on the kitchen scale. Worked like a charm! Glad to report he had gained back to his birth weight in no time.

All in all, we are basking in the glow of his arrival. Thanks for humoring me as I bragged on this sweet, sweet boy. After I unpack and do a load or two of laundry, I will report back on my class with Wendy Schoen.

Until later, faithful reader.


  1. How gorgeous is Harrison, just beautiful. Congratulations and love the cotton prefold, love them!!!

  2. And what a glow! He is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Wonderful chapter in the ever loving family life of the Broyles! Congratulations and more to all!

  4. Precious, precious, precious! Who wouldn't want to brag? Congratulations to all!

  5. It's in the official grandparents' handbook that we are allowed to tell how wonderful our grandchildren are any time we want to, and it does not count as bragging! He is absolutely perfect! So happy for your family!

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  7. Stumbled upon your blog here. So happy to see you are a grandma now! I recently had my 7th child. This one is another girl, Katiana. So I have 4 boys and 3 girls now. I pretty much don't sew much at all anymore. My children have been homeschooled for 4 years now and trying to teach 4 in school (that alone takes more hours in the day than most people spend at a full time job) and care for preschool, toddler, infants too, it just leaves me absolutely no time when you combine it with the cooking, cleaning, laundry and all that stuff. Well congratulations on the lovely babies.


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