Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brrr, Some Chilly Christmas Sewing

As promised I am back to recap some Christmas sewing. I love seasonal outfits but it seems difficult to get enough wear out them. So to maximize the wearability I went with "winter" instead of Christmas.  Princess could still wear last year's Candy Cane bishop with red leggings, so she had more options. Wildman, sorry there was no way he could wear that romper from when he was 5 weeks old. This year the theme was polar bears.

I used Children's Corner William and Winnie. Goes together in a flash.

I used some turquoise featherwale corduroy lined with matching gingham. Of course it is piped. I thought the legs of  Wildman's would need rolling up but he decided to do some heavy duty growing and that wasn't really necessary.

The shirts are purchased from Carter's. Not quite sure what happened to the shirt in this picture.

Princess is 36" tall so hers is a size 3 with 1" added in length. Fit perfect. Not the best picture. but you can see the fit. It actually does hit right at mid knee though it is hard to tell from this angle.

Wildman is 30 1/2" tall and weighs 25#. I made his an 18 months with 1" added in the stride. There is some leeway in the straps. A loving and caring Mimi with more time would have added a second set of buttons lower on the straps. Didn't happen. If he shoots up as the sudden increase in groceries indicates, his momma will learn how to move buttons. (Excuse the awkward pose and expressions in this picture. The ONLY way to get him to sit still was to turn on the Winnie the Pooh movie and I kept trying to get her to sit back some only to discover a branch of the tree was poking her in the head! Back to that lack of a loving and caring Mimi.)

This is the way most pictures of Wildman go, blurry, out of focus, and on the move.

The outfits were made for this time honored torture tradition. A visit with Santa. Where is Norman Rockwell when you need him? Or those actors he hired? It didn't go well to say the least. He cried because she did. At least Mommy didn't have to be in the picture this year. Kids may never be the same though.

I hope you are enjoying a new lease on life with the coming of the new year and have lots of sewing plans in the works. I need to go through the stash and pleat Easter. Peter Cottontail is in our future. Easter is closer than it appears on the calendar.


  1. Congratulations on your big win!

    1. Not sure which win you mean?


      Isn't this you?

    3. Sorry Capi, yes it is. I had just gotten an email yesterday and didn't realize it was on the website yet. Thank you so much. I am excited. I truly didn't expect to win.

  2. EM still doesn't like Santa, what a shame !!! Love the William & Winnie duo, that really is a cute pattern. I was wondering what you won???

  3. I love the photos, the outfits, and the narrative, dear Mimi! You are going to have a fun year!

  4. Precious garments and photos! These may be treaasured even more than any perfect ones ever could.

  5. You had me laughing from beginning to end on this post, Martha. Your wit & humor are priceless. Just seeing how much your grandkidlets have grown amazes me & makes me aware of how much I've missed.

    Your last line reminded me of the lettering on side mirrors "Objects may appear to be closer" or something like that. I have to start thinking about Easter. I'm still working on the little Lullaby outfit. It got set aside & forgotten for awhile with all the holiday fuss. :-(

    Your brother/sister combos are darling & I know you are having SEW much fun making cute outfits for these two. Thanks for sharing the ways you adapt & adjust them.



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