Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Birthday for a Prince

A certain little Prince has had his First Birthday! I can hardly believe it. We will party down when the whole family can be here in December but Mimi couldn't let the day go by unmarked. That is the good thing with a one year old, they can't read a calendar! Nor can his older sister. They will be none the wiser.

To mark the occasion I made a little romper. This is nothing like I originally planned. The fabric changed, the plate changed, the pattern changed. You get the picture. This was the final result.

The pattern I used was Daniel by Primrose Lane. I have used it before here. Again I am leaning towards inserts that aren't 4 and 5 inches high. On a little person that doesn't walk yet, that deep of an insert seems to bunch up into their faces while they are sitting. I had originally planned to use Beach Baby from AS&E but the only knit I had was white but not the same white as the insert fabric. So powder blue poly/cotton it was.

It is piped with Susie's Ready to Smock purchased piping. You may have noticed in the first picture that the sleeve cuffs aren't piped. I ran out of piping in the package. I had two packages marked with the same color but they are definitely from different dye lots.

The plate used was Ellen McCarn's "Tiny Rocking Horses." A plate I have had for yeeeears but never used.  I didn't smock an obvious birthday plate because there was something waiting for him in the Mimi closet.

This is Bobby's Tabard Suit from Beacoup. It is out of print but I found it listed here on etsy. My pattern is MIA. The plate I used is Ellen McCarn's Birthday Bear.

I made it for another sweet boy's first birthday 21 years ago. I included this sweet romper in the Prince's birthday box along with other birthday goodies.

I hope you are planning a wonderful holiday either large or small. We are headed to the newlywed's house for the holiday. No one told her she didn't really want to host both sides of the family for the first holiday, eight weeks out of the gate. She has taken the plunge. We are headed her way to feast with most of the family. We will sorely miss those not with us but be thankful for AT&T.

Happy Thanksgiving to you faithful reader. Please remember those who are suffering around the globe at this time. We have so much to be thankful for.


  1. Love the romper, the blue fabic is perfect with the insert.

  2. The romper is so sweet,Martha. Have a lovely holiday with your family.

  3. Perfect for the birthday boy! One will become a cherished heirloom, and the other one already is. I love that Hank will now be able to wear it.


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