Friday, March 16, 2012

It Has Been A While

Yes it has been far too long, faithful reader. Life is crazy for everyone I know, but for those in Southern Matriarch-land, it has been especially so for several weeks.

Last time I checked in most of the offspring were home for wedding prep and Baby Hank's Baptism. Since then, more wedding prep, our son has moved away, my husband has taken an out of town contract and returned to traveling every week, a dear friend became ill and died, our daughter and the babies have moved back into the house for a short while and I have become better friends than I would like with an orthopedic surgeon.

Take it from me, don't take the gift of two good shoulders for granted! What I would give to hook my own bra again. And during all those years of carpooling I never would have believed I would miss driving. "In time" the surgeon says. I'm thankful for family and friends that have been taking good care of me while I mend.

Our chapter had the good fortune of hosting Jeannie Baumeister of "The Old Fashioned Baby" last weekend. I was able to hand stitch some the first day but had to fore go the machine work the next day. I was only one week post op at that point. Since then I have been able to sit at my machine for short periods of time. No marathon sewing sessions for me right now. I even succumbed and bought Easter finery for the babies. Just couldn't get any bunnies or chicks smocked this year. :sigh:

And there has been lots of time with these two cuties. We only have a week left until they move overseas. So forgive me while I spend as much time as possible with my babies. There will be lots and lots of time to stitch as well as tell you about it, once they depart. Plus I will need to keep myself busy to keep from missing them too much.

Thank you to all that emailed asking if I was all right or going to return. You were never forgotten, I just could not make it to the desk to check in. It is good to be missed. I promise to be back soon.


  1. So glad to hear that you are ok. I have the shoulder thing going on too. I haven't had the surgery but am suffering with it. Hopefully my chiro can help. And you are right...makes you thankful to snap your own bra or pull your shirt over your head. Hope you get better. Take your time and get better.

  2. So glad you are back to the blog. Do hope you will continue to heal.

  3. Just last night I was seriously wondering if you were OK. Life sure has a way of happening but you have the priorities in order. Stitching and smocking can wait! Babies grow up all too fast. Take care...Bunny

  4. There is a season for everything... and sometimes we become awesome jugglers! Trust your shoulder is on the mend! Enjoy that time with your grandbabies... that is priceless!

  5. I was wondering where you were, but just figured you were busy. That seems to be an understatement. I hope you recover quickly from your surgery. I'm so sorry the baby dolls are moving so far away, I hope you all have Skype!

  6. Prayers coming for a speedy recovery. It is never easy to get used to being taken care of when you are usually the one offering help. Enjoy the babies and we will be waiting for you here in blogland:)

  7. Prayers going up here that your shoulder continues to heal well. Enjoy the time with your grandbabies. My sisters and I are spread all across the country (one used to be in Europe) and I know it's hard on my parents to only see their grandbabies a few times a year.

  8. And I was feeling bad because my daughter and son-in-law are taking the babies halfway across the country. At least they'll be IN the country.

    Mend quickly.


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