Friday, January 20, 2012

Making Dreams Come True

God is so good to me. Today I have the privilege of taking my baby girl, my youngest child, shopping for the dress of her dreams. How did we get here? Where have the years gone? How did she grow up when I wasn't looking? Where is the little girl who told me she could never be a mommy because she didn't know how to drive? The perfect question for a child whose formative years were spent in the car car-pooling her older siblings to and fro.

What happened to this little girl who was so excited for her "very special day"?

She has grown into this beautiful young woman who is very nervous this morning. And we will begin this journey that every mother dreams of and dreads all at once.

This is how I am feeling today, faithful reader....


  1. What a wonderful reminder to pay attention to the present! Have an absolutely wonderful day with your daughter!

  2. Have a wonderful day! Congrats to all! Karin

  3. Hope you both had a wonderful day, even if there were lots and lots of tugs on the heartstrings.

  4. Have fun, Martha. I'll never forget this experience with both of my girls. So much fun.

  5. Jan is right....tugging those heart strings! Roots and wings...nothing you don't know. You are a good momma.


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