Sunday, June 5, 2011

Someone is Stitching

First posted by flossbox

And is hasn't been me! There could be pygmies living in my sewing room for all I know. So thank you to the talents of flossbox we have some eye candy. I can almost here that little bird sing.

Life has been crazy, crazy, crazy. I did stitch up a Wee Care gown in the car last week. I will try to get pictures tomorrow. I have been so busy I have had hardly had time to take pictures of Princess. Now THAT is busy! And absolutely nothing around here to show for the busy. My want to list is as long as my arm.

Summer is in full swing here. We skittered right over spring into full blown summer. My tomatoes are budding, the hostas are getting ready to bloom and it is hot!

We are gearing up for baby's First Birthday! That loud wailing you hear? It is me. I can not even believe she is getting ready to be a year old. It is going too fast. Here she is at her first Jazz Brunch at the 5 star Commander's Palace. One is never too young to be introduced to fine dining. She loved it as much as her Mimi does.

The musicians were as taken with her as she them. The only down side to the day was that two of our kids weren't there to enjoy the day with us.

Off to bed. I have so many sewing projects whirling in my brain. If I can find a way to clear some order around here I may make it into my sewing room.

I leave you with just a taste of Sunday Brunch at Commander's Palace, not as good as being there, but it will have to do for now.


  1. I know there are dust bunnies living in my sewing room... I have not darkened its doors in months. Sigh.

  2. Flossbox's work is amazing. Princess is precious & lucky to have a mimi who is talented & to take her to 5 star restaurants!

  3. Pygmies in the sewing room! Ha! Maybe I should check mine.


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