Sunday, March 27, 2011

It is Springtime

It is springtime even if the white stuff outside says differently. I finally succumbed to the "snow on the deck" photo op. This is after a good bit of melting this morning. They are forecasting more snow for this evening. If I thought Mother Nature was hiding like the Wizard of Oz, I'd yank her curtain away from her. Enough! I am thankful for the bright sunshine today though.

So in honor of the fact that it is spring and I am choosing to ignore the outside scenery for the rest of the day. I give you baby ducks.

Not these,

These baby ducks. "Ducks in a Row" by Ellen McCarn. I love this plate. Besides "Andrew's Pull Toy" by Terry Jane, it is it my favorite little duck plate. Picture smocking several identical motifs can be tricky. Sometimes it is hard to tell they are supposed to look the same. I like the center and the far right ones the best. The second from the left, looks like he may have had a frontal lobotomy. Oh well.


The pattern used here is Allan's Bubble by Creative Needle. Creative Needle first published this pattern in 1989. It is one of my all time faves. As a matter of fact, this bubble was made in 1991. I made it for my godson Mitri, when he was a year old. It is made from Imperial microcheck and lined with Imperial batiste. It has buttons large enough to land aircraft on, and the buttonholes you could wrap around a small elephant. We won't even talk about the fact that this famously "soft" fabric has no interfacing behind those buttonholes.


It may have not been perfect but he was still adorable in it. He would have been 21 soon. We still miss him dearly.


It is just as adorable on our fair haired, blue eyed princess. Paired with a purchased blouse from Bessie Mary, it is ready to go for another generation. I did let the buttons down about a half inch. At eight and half months old she is taller than he was at a year.

Creative Needle released this pattern several years ago as a reprint from the magazine. It is still available from many heirloom retailers. My daughter has one made from red broadcloth almost ready to go. The reprint comes in a long pant version as well. Try it, you'll love it.

I hope spring is behaving better in your neck of the woods.


  1. Oh, my! I agree with the need to find Mother Nature and set her straight!
    Thank goodness for your little princess who can bring smiles and warmth! It brings tears to my eyes to see Mitri's sweet bubble on his mother's namesake. Truly heartwarming on a cold day. Heaven is smiling.

  2. How wonderful that you have that bubble. I know there are smiles in heaven. Now as to the snow... take that snow you have and multiply it to be an amount to cover the entire deck and furniture ... and that was just the past week.

  3. Well, I am pretty happy with my lovely weather down in Baton Rouge. You can visit me in my garden for proof that it will soon be in your area too!! Your little baby just gets cuter!

  4. DS is very glad that he visited his friends in St Louis last weekend and not this weekend!!

  5. When other people use my computer my comments get posted under their name -- and I get to read their facebook wall!


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