Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here! Here! Yes, I'm here!

This has been the topic line of more than one email in the past few days. Yes I am here. Right here. No where but here. Here has just been craaaazy the past two weeks. So excuse my absence faithful reader. Besides the impending winter weather coming our way, this week promises to be normal and boring. I welcome boring. Crave it actually.

Where have I been? Well first off our SAGA chapter hosted a workshop with Gail Doane last weekend. That was wonderful.

And you know me, I had table favors to get ready. Here is one. Made from heavy cotton duck with a contrast band. Isn't that band cute? It is our chapter logo. How fun is that? I had fabric printed with our chapter logo. What a blast that was. You too can create your own fabric at Spoonflower. It is very easy, I ordered a swatch first to see if it would work. What is this little guy?

Its a little snip bag to keep next to your machine or your chair to hold all those little thread snips. I often end up with a gnarly little pile that I either track all over the house, the cat gets into and spreads around or gets mixed up with my working floss and causes general havoc. So now I have a tidy little "trash can" next to my seat that I can gather them into. This can also save you money and anxiety.

Recently I was working on a project and had precious little floss left in one color I was working with. I had JUST ENOUGH to finish with. I lost it. I think I scooped it up with my snips pile and tossed it. Imagine my panic. I needed to get this finished pronto and on its way! I was short about 30" of floss. Agghhh. Not next time, now I won't be throwing away needed floss because it has become snarled up with the leavings.

These little bags certainly would not warrant having my own fabric printed, but

these were! A matching pincushion. The pincushion is made using a free pattern at Heather Bailey's blog. Just search the right hand column for "Free Patterns." It is called Square Deal™ Pincushion.

Very easy and cute. This one is a bit wonky so it went into the reject pile. I made 20 snip bags and 23 (including this wonky one) pincushions for our workshop. I will admit my fingers were sore after pulling ribbon through 23 pincushions.

NOTE: One change I made to the pincushion was to stitch a tiny buttonhole in the center of each square. It made pulling that ribbon through much easier and quicker. I saved 5x as much time stitching out the buttonholes than trying to tug that 3/8" ribbon through the fabric with just a needle.

So again thank you faithful readers for checking up on me. You are the best.

Parting shot: Luncheon tables for our workshop.


  1. I am so glad to see you back and posting!! I love the way you make your sewing workshops so special!! I know every one must leave feeling pampered!!

  2. What lovely favors! I really like the custom fabric and will look into it. And we stitching gals can't have too many pincushions.

  3. How you spoil your people...simply lovely.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. So, so cute! I love the fabric. I want to do a workshop withe Gail again!

  5. I'm very intrigued by that make your own fabric idea!!! You are so smart!! The favors are darling and I am glad you are back!! I have been missing you!

  6. Glad you're back. I saw your name in SB magazine! love it! I love your favors, too. The table setting is very pretty. Great color combination.

  7. Wow! I love the favors you made. You can gussy up one of my party's anytime! I've had intentions of making that pincushion for a while - I just need to do it. So cute!

  8. Welcome back, and wishing you a very boring week!

  9. Sigh......

    Welcome back, missed you much, wish I could have been there!

  10. I knew you were busy... still missed you. Hope you have a delightfully boring week this week!!

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