Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

This picture was actually taken 23 years ago tomorrow, the day we brought her home. I was a mere 29 years old and DH was 30. I can't believe how dark his hair is, he is totally gray now. See what you did Amy? :) No I think it could have been the combination of all 4 of you and genes. We wouldn't trade you for the world.

Back to sewing she is wearing the first baby dress I made completely by hand. Rolling and whipping by hand are still not my strong suites and I am glad to say that my embroidery has vastly improved. But even with its obvious imperfections it hangs in my sewing room for inspiration and sweet nostalgia.

This was and is the only time I have ever seen a pattern by this designer. I still love the dress pattern and want to make it again though I think I will leave the rolling and whipping to machine the next time.

I guilted my mother into the cross stitched blanket. The discharge nurse commented that you would have thought we were bringing home a first baby instead of a fourth. I was just as glad to see her as I was her oldest sister. Babies are a blessing. She has certainly been one to us.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.


  1. Aw, Martha, she's so pretty and you are too! :)

  2. Hi Martha,

    Love that dress. Your daughter is beautiful!!!

  3. Gorgeous photos!

    Happy Birthday!

    Why must time go by so quickly??? :)

  4. good question Alice. It seemed we waited a hundred years to be 21 and it takes 30 seconds to get to 50.

  5. I resemble that 30 seconds to get to 50 remark... :) What a joy to see that baby picture!

  6. Hey am I lying? No! She is a beautiful baby to this momma. And she is soooo homesick.

  7. Yes, but does she have a shrine in the living room?

    I do agree about the gray hair though. Aaaaaaaallllllll Aim.


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